Friday, November 3, 2017

I am inspired by


  1. Hi Levi my name is Ryan at stonefields school .

    Levi I really liked the animal choose it was a great choose. I also like cheaters. I like them because the remind me of cheaters. But maybe next time you could say how fast they go and why you like that speed. One more thing it just needs more writing

  2. Hello Levi , my name is Ted from Stonefields School

    Wow that is so inspiring because of how you described how fast it is and how you described what it reminds you of. A little bit of feed back is too write a bit more. I wonder how fast cheetahs can go and if they are faster than an electric scooter?

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  3. Good work Levi my name is Nathan.

    I am from stonefields school I like you type of animal but you don't have much writing.