Friday, July 28, 2017

My holiday recount

               My holiday recount
In the holidays,my mum made a promise to go to the movies at Saint Luke's.It was bright outside so I asked my mom and she agreed. We got to the movies before 1pm. It took us a 20min drive to the movies.I went with my family. I was excited. We went to watch despicable me 3.

When we were driving the tank was almost empty so we had to pull off at the gas station to fuel up the tank. then ready to go. It was boring while we were driving in the car so we played some music on my brothers chromebook. When got to the movies, It was 12.20 pm. Me and my brother asked my mom for money so we can play games at the arcade. Me and my brother played basketball shooting my score was 34 and my brothers score was 46. After we played at the arcade It was time to watch the movie. our seats was k1 to k10 we sat at the very back. The movie was incredibly  awesome and cool. The movie took about 1 hour and 30 mins.

When the movie had finished I asked my mom If we could go Mcdonalds because I was so hungry so she said “yes we can”. I went for a cheese burger,fries and was incredibly tasty and yummy it was the best Mcdonalds I ever tasted. After we ate my tummy was full and I was tired, so we rushed home and had a big rest.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017


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I want to be a archaeologists to find stuff that are 1000 years old and stuff in temples that are 1000 years old and find out about history that has been written 1000 years ago. I want to find out where is Egypt is and what music did the olden day Egyptian people played.

Friday, July 7, 2017

recount about food tasting festival

             The food tasting festival
On wednesday we had a food tasting festival at tamaki primary we had it at 4pm-6pm.our learning was about breakfast. Our parents came to see our learning we done about group was about having healthy cereals for breakfast.

My mum came to see what i done for learning i did cereal told her which cereal was the healthiest cereal she said “freedom porridge because it has 0.1 grams of sugar per serving”.
I told my mum what are the five major food groups she said “proteins carbohydrates milk and milk products and i don’t know the rest of the five major food.i told her the five major food groups the five major food groups are proteins fruit and vegetables bread and cereal milk and milk products and sugars and fat. I told her that we should include the four major food groups in your breakfast.then i told her to sort these pictures into the categories.

Then we went to the bread section i told her this is a whole grain and if you take off the bran it will turn into refined grain and refined grain is not healthy because it has less nutritious in it and it can make you fat. But whole grain is healthy because it has heaps of nutritious.
Then we went to the balanced meal section i told her you should have half a plate of fruit and vegetables and quarter a plate of proteins and grains then told her to make her own balanced plate.

Then we went to the juice section i told her which juice you drink at home she said “just juice” i said bad choice because it has heaps of sugar and the orange juice is healthy because it has natural sugar.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

information report

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Breakfast is important because it gives you energy.You should have a variety in your breakfast. This is to make sure that you have different nutrients for your body. If you have the same breakfast everyday, you will have the same nutrients everyday. This is not healthy.

The five major food groups are proteins vitamins and minerals milk and milk products carbohydrates and sugars and fat. Sugars and fats is unhealthy. So we should make sure that we include the four major food groups to get all nutrients.

If you don’t eat breakfast and you go to school you are going to feel tired you will go to sleep.You won’t know what to do and won’t do any work at school. You are going to be sloppy and exhausted. So make sure you do not miss your breakfast. Imagine you're a car and your fuel tank is empty. If you have not had breakfast, you are like a car without fuel. Your brain will not function properly and you will not be the best at learning.

You should choose the right breakfast, one with less sugar and fat and not expired.