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Travelling related professions

Traditional cloths from India

              Traditional clothes from India
Image result for saree

Image result for kurta pajama

               kurta pajama

Map of India

Planning my visit to India

                       Planning my visit to India.
Image result for the golden triangle india
The golden triangle is the most popular place to visit in north india. There are three major cities there names are called Agra,Jaipur,Delhi.

The plane will land into new Delhi and the places in New Delhi are the Lotus temple  Image result for lotus temple

Lotus temple

the Lotus temple is a shape of a Lotus flower.
The people do not pray by saying it they just pray in there head.

Image result for garden of five senses

the garden of five sences

Image result for kulfi kulfi

There are lots of dances and music in Delhi.

Taj mahal took 22 years to get build from 20 000 workers.

Tourists at Agra FortAgra fort was the king’s home.

Jaipur is known as the pink building



On Monday Tamaki Primary had swimming lessons at the Panmure Lagoon pools in East Auckland. Our instructor for swimming was a girl her name is Kat and there was another group and their instructor is a boy and his name is Owen.

We were very excited when we got to the pools we walk inside and change into our togs. After that we waited until the other class finished their lesson when there lesson was finished kat told us to jump into the pool . We started by doing streamlines in the pool and then we did some freestyles to the platform. It was very fun. Then we did a challenge we went to the far side and we had to try not touch the ground for 30 seconds. It was very easy for me. After that we had to freestyle all the way back and then try not to touch the floor again then we freestyled back to the platform.

After we finish that the lesson was finished so we swam out of the pools and got our plastic bags and went to the changing rooms. We saw silly people in the changing room. After all of the boys finish changing into the uniform we waited for the bus. When the bus came we were the last on the bus. After we waited for room 8 and room 5 we went on the bus. And went back to our school. After we got to school we went into our classes and waited until it was 3 pm. When it was 3pm my mum came and pick me up and my Sister and went home.

 This was the best swimming ever.

                     The end.

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Famous monuments in Russia

Image result for Red Square and St. Basil's Cathedral. In the dead center of the Moscow, St. Basil's Cathedral ( may well be Russia's preeminent sight, gracing any number of postcards and mementos of the country. ...
Red Square and St. Basil's Cathedral. This place is located in southeast russia.

The Kremlin is located in southeast russia

Image result for Moscow's Metro Stations. ...
Moscow's Metro Stations is located in southeast russia

Image result for Winter Palace. ...
Winter Palace is located in northeast russia

Image result for State Hermitage Museum
State Hermitage Museum is located in northeast russia

Mariinsky Theatre. Is located in northeast russia

Famous monuments in India

Famous Monuments in India
  • TAJ MAHAL.Taj mahal is located in north india
  • INDIA GATE.Image result for INDIA GATE the india gate is located in north east india
  • RED FORT.Image result for red fort                                                    
  • MEENAKSHI TEMPLE.Meenakshi temple is located in south india
  • CHARMINAR.Image result for CHARMINAR.Charminar is located in south india
  • MYSORE PALACE.Image result for MYSORE PALACE.Mysore palace is located in south east india
HAWA MAHAL.Hawa Mahal is located in north east india

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My poem-kites

Flying kites-Levi

Levi W8
Yesterday room 6 made kites because some people were interested in kite making. lots of people were making their kites and other people were waiting for there turn to make a kite.

These are the materials of making a kite they are strings,plastic bag,scissors,card board,silver marker,toothpicks,sticks and tape.

First you cut the cardboard into a kite shape. Then you put the cardboard onto the plastic bag then get the silver marker and trace the cardboard to make a kite shape. And then you get the scissors and cut out the traced kite. After you cut the traced kite it should look like a kite that is in half.

After that you need to open the kite and then put it back in a little bit then get the tape to hold the folded part. Then you cut the sticks and then you measure it. After you measure it you should get the sticks and then tape it onto the bit were the taped bit is. After you do the  otherside you do the next side. You have to put the smaller sticks horizon then get the tape and tape the smaller sticks.

After that you need to get the toothpick and then turn the kite the other way then make the whole where the turning bit is. Then get heaps of string then put it through the hole. Then you get a piece of paper and fold it. Then get the string and wrap it around the paper. That’s how you make a kite. After all of us made our kites we got our bags and kites and went outside. Then we flyed our kites it was very fun after that it was hometime so all of us went.  

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Maui and the Sun

                         Maui and the sun

“I am Maui a trickster and a powerful demigod of the wind and sea. And I am confident and a brave person. With a big massive magical fish hook. And I care about my people. And I am undefeated. I would make the sun go slow.

Days went on quickler and made people older and older. But one day Maui he was very grumpy at the sun because the sun made days very short. Maui had 4 brothers he said to his brothers “brothers I am very grumpy with that sun because he makes days too short. And we have no time to do stuff. So we should make the sun slower so he does not make time more faster. We will have to go to the cave of the sun.

But one of the brothers were very scared the brother said “but it will burn us”. But Maui said “we will make magical ropes by blessing it”. So the brothers went and looked for some flax in the afternoon. And when they came back with the flax it was almost night time. So they got two flax and then plated them. When they had finish plating they blessed the flax’s by saying a lotu (prayer in tongan).

When they had blessed the flax’s they went. It was very dark for them so they took a torch with them. When they were nearly there they were very hot and the ground was hot as well.while they were walking they found a pit but it was not just an ordinary pit it was the cave where the sun was. When they got there it was almost evening. So Maui told his brothers to build a tall rock wall so the sun does not see them. Just in time they finished building it. The sun was rising. When the sharp teeth of the sun rose, Maui said to his brothers to throw the ropes so they threw it and it went on perfectly. After that Maui got his magical fish hook that his grandpa carved for him and slapped the sun with his hook. When the sun had lost his strength Maui told his brothers to untangle the ropes so the brothers took the ropes of the sun went back home. Finally the sun went slower and the people could do all their chores.

Character description

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My next steps for writing

My next steps for writing is to

Put full stop in the right place

use dialogue in my narrative

and to use heaps of detail in my narrative.